What’s new in CounterGo!

What’s new in CounterGo!

Are you upgrading from our original CounterGo to our newest version? We think you’re going to love it! But there are a few changes that might be jarring at first…

Is the layout still in Step 5? Where did the Accounts menu go?

This short Webinar provides a quick overview to answer some of those questions!

For current users of CounterGo

Since the beginning of the year, new Moraware CounterGo customers have been on the new version. Now, we’d like to roll it out to our existing CounterGo users. If you’re a customer who’s been using CounterGo since before 2018 and you want to be among the first to experience the new update, please let us know by emailing us!

(but if you’re also using JobTracker, unfortunately, we’re still not quite ready for you).

6 thoughts on “What’s new in CounterGo!

    1. Katherine Gifford

      Hi Kalei! It would not cost anything for True Stone to upgrade to the new version of CounterGo. If you’d like to go ahead and upgrade, send us an email at support@moraware.com and we’ll get you started!

    1. Patrick Foley

      Hi Jason,
      Until now, we only allowed centerlines for 2 sinks on a top. Now in the newer version you can add as many centerlines as you have sinks. Please send an email to support@moraware.com if you have more questions!

  1. Colin

    I know this sound picky but was thinking this might be a simple fix??? I want to make different thickness pricing (2cm price, 3cm price) for the same color, without adding the same color twice. Example in editing “Price List”/drop down when selecting color on step 5 in countergo:

    crema pearl 2cm
    crema pearl 3cm
    new venetian 2cm
    new venetian 3cm
    I don’t want to hit the dropdown and scroll through twice as many colors(doubling 100 colors to 200). Maybe just have an addition dropdown on step 5 that can select from different thicknesses. I would think all you would have to do is add thickness as an option to enter in the “add product” in the edit “price list”.

    Also if you could make adding a product, when editing the price list, an option to “create new” incase there is a product, not in moraware, that you would like to add. Again I know I’m sounding picky, but these would be little perks.
    Thanks for listening.

    1. Katherine Gifford

      Hi Colin, Thanks so much for taking the time to share your suggestions! I’ll share them with our development team. Your explanation of why it would be useful is terrific! Thanks again!

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