No more QuickBooks integration with JobTracker Enterprise Edition quotes

No more QuickBooks integration with JobTracker Enterprise Edition quotes

More than a decade ago, we created an integration between JobTracker Enterprise Edition quotes (the “blue quotes”) and QuickBooks. That integration no longer works, and we are in the process of removing it.

When we built the integration, there was clear guidance from Microsoft for connecting a web-based system like Moraware with a desktop system like QuickBooks. A few years ago, that connecting technology was found to pose a significant security threat, so Microsoft stopped promoting it and in the last couple of years, stopped supporting it. Therefore, we stopped supporting our QuickBooks integration as well.

We don’t like taking away features from our software, but in the last year or so, Microsoft has been actively removing capabilities from Internet Explorer that were required for our QuickBooks integration. A recent Windows update caused our integration to stop working for almost all of the remaining customers that were using it. Even if it still works for you, please be advised that the integration between JobTracker quotes and QuickBooks will stop working in the very near future.

Unfortunately, we do not have a replacement for this integration. We hope to add an integration between CounterGo and QuickBooks in the future, but it’s a massive project, and we haven’t started it. For now, the only way to get quote information from JobTracker or CounterGo into QuickBooks is to rekey it.

I’m sorry to share this bad news. If you have any questions, please let us know.

2 thoughts on “No more QuickBooks integration with JobTracker Enterprise Edition quotes

  1. Nick


    Is there a software you are aware of on the martket we could purchase to link Job Tracker and QuickBooks? Rekeying information creates a tremendous amount of work for our accounting department.

  2. Scott Edwards

    Hi Nick –

    At DataBridge Integrations we have created an integration between JobTracker and QuickBooks. We would be glad to show you what we have created. We will have more info on our website in the next month, or so.

    Scott Edwards
    Databridge Integrations, Inc.
    (585) 734-1280

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