How much does countertop software cost?

Oct 30, 2018 | Business

What a reasonable question to ask! This should definitely be your second or third question when researching countertop software. After learning what software can best help your business grow and run successfully, it’s a natural step to understand the cost and effort it would be for your shop. And most importantly, is it worth it?

The simple answer to this question is that it depends on what you are looking to do. What are your goals that software can help you accomplish? You may be a small shop who wants to be able to quote faster. Or you might be a larger shop who needs help streamlining your process from as simple as scheduling to as complex and detailed as sharing info with your installers in the field.

Pricing Examples

There are many different products available for your shop. Depending on what solutions you are looking for and the number of users, the cost will vary. And while there are other options for the same services we offer, we’re happy to share our pricing and give you an idea of what the cost could be for a some of the results our customers see.

If your pain point in your shop is an inconsistency in pricing or the need to create quicker and more professional quotes, then your best bet is to get a countertop quoting software. Our product, CounterGo, runs at $100 per user per month.

If your pain points include tasks falling through the cracks, a lack of communication and bottlenecks in your install process, then you need a job scheduling software. We offer our product, Systemize, at a monthly rate of $600 for the first 5 users. Each user after that is an additional $50.

Is it worth it?

When determining the worth of any software, there are certain questions to consider and maybe even a little bit of math. No algebra necessary, don’t worry!

Here are a few examples of what we know our customers find helpful in determining worth:

If things are falling through the cracks like installing the wrong sink or even the dreaded double install, how much are these mistakes costing your business? If they are avoided by using a job tracking software, would you consider that savings to be worth the monthly payment?

Your losing jobs to your competitors who are able to provide informative quotes quicker than you. Are you losing more money by missing those opportunities than you would by investing in quoting software?

Another thing to consider is that by using the right technology for your shop, you’ll streamline your shop’s processes. This will also lead to more jobs and happier customers. You know what happy customers do? They refer you and increase your revenue, hooray!

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