Fabricator Profile: Granite Perfection

Dec 5, 2018 | CounterGo, Customer Profile

Written by: Kristina

As newbie in this industry it is hard to fully understand all that encompasses fabricating countertops. When you see beautiful counters, you don’t think about the countless hours of work that goes into providing the perfect top you see everyday.

After visiting Granite Perfection I came to realize that the hustle is real in this industry and I was blown away at the quality work this shop sends out every single day. Thank you to David for showing us around your shop and providing a newbie with a new set of eyes to the industry.

Hard Work and Dedication

Upon walking into the shop we were quickly greeted by a furry face named Ginger. After giving her some pets, we were able to do a tour with David where he showed us around the shop and shared with us how long he has been in the business. I was blown away at the business David has continued to build tirelessly for 10+ years.

He started as an install helper with other top shops in the area and then quickly moved his way up to perfecting installation and fabrication. From there, it lit a spark for him to start his own business where he would wake up at 5:00 am and grind until 12:00 am in order to get the job done. He had one machine during that time in which he still has in his shop today.

Now Granite Perfection has a team dedicated in continuing that hard work and providing quality countertops all throughout Reno/Tahoe and surrounding areas both in the commercial and homeowner space.

Quoting Customers Way Faster

It was awesome to hear how much CounterGo has helped improved their quoting process and just the simple fact that they can quote customers way faster than before. Previous quotes used to take hours and maybe even a day to quote, whereas now, they are able to quote upwards of 20 jobs of a day. Being able to see the impact that we bring to businesses in this industry makes me so proud to be apart of this team at Moraware.

Visiting this shop was awesome and I am inspired by the work ethic and quality counters that come out everyday. Thanks again to Granite Perfection for letting us visit your shop!