From Good to Great: Using images and slab layout as a sales tool

Nov 20, 2019 | Business, CounterGo

We spent some time with Jennifer Boles and the team at Nelson Tile & Stone to answer any scheduling and quoting software questions they had. Jennifer was nice enough to share her favorite feature with us – the slab images and layout feature in CounterGo! They find this works as a great sales tool to help their customers visualize their kitchen, get excited, and understand veining.

Not in a place where you can listen to the audio? No problem! We’ve got the transcript for you below:

Hello. I’m Jen, with Nelson Tile & Stone in Bend, Oregon.

We don’t have the big, expensive slab program where you can take a picture on it, but Moraware does allow us to go take a picture and import it into Moraware. When the pieces are cutting, they’re actually move them around and match those veins up and show the customer how it’s gonna work out. We had no ability to do that before, so that really does connect people with what their piece is gonna look like, and give them confidence that we’re gonna bring something out that’s fitting well together.

This is the gold standard for our industry, so nothing else has come close.