New Feature: Multi-Day Activity Series

by | Jan 21, 2020 | New Feature, Systemize

We’re excited to announce a new feature in Systemize – Activity Series!

Sometimes you get a big job where the install lasts more than one day. Now, you can organize the activities associated with that multi-day install on your calendar to act like one unit. Hooray for easier, seamless scheduling!

When you move the first activity in a series, the other activities move along with it. Each activity still happens separately, but now having a series greatly simplifies scheduling multi-day installs.

Activity Series in Systemize for scheduling multi-day activities

When you add a series, you’ll see a fancy new icon on the activities in the series. That icon shows up on the calendar, the jobs page, and individual job detail pages.

If you’re frequently installing jobs that last more than one day, you should definitely add activity series to your toolkit.

Not already a Systemize user?

Don’t slow the growth of your shop because it’s hard to schedule templates, installation, and fabrication. Take the leap and schedule a demo of our software – we’re confident that it will change the way you run your countertop shop.

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