5 Tips to Acquire and Retain Business in the Granite Countertop Industry

Jan 24, 2020 | Business

Guest post written by Daysen Christensen of Rock Tops Lethbridge

With how competitive the granite countertop industry has become, it can be difficult to maintain a strong relationship with your clients. However, a relationship with your clients is the most important thing you can have in this industry, now more than ever.

Here are a few tips we at Rock Tops Lethbridge strive to follow to ensure that our clients not only are satisfied with our services, but continually bring us more business:

Don’t silently upcharge

I know it may seem appealing to offer a low square foot cost and then upcharge for the sink and cooktop cut outs, edge profiles, template, installation, granite sealer etc. until after the deal is sealed. Yes, you want to bring in clients with great deals. But, if that’s your strategy, don’t expect those clients to be pleased with you when they see you crammed as many charges in there as you could by the final invoice.

If you plan to charge more for specific services, talk with them about it well before you do it. Nothing destroys a relationship more than the feeling of being lied to.

Get the right granite grade

As you know, Level 1 granite comes in 3 different grade levels: commercial grade, standard grade and premium grade. You may be using lower grades so that you can advertise a cheaper price and still make decent profit.

However, when the client sees the finished product and there is unsightly pitting, veins and blotches… it’s not going to leave a good taste in their mouth. 

Show the client EVERYTHING

This tip goes with # 2. If the client sees the entire slab before you spend your time and energy cutting and installing it, they’re going to know what to expect beforehand. They can inspect the slabs for any defects they may not be pleased with, and if there is an issue it can be dealt with before it’s stuck in their house forever. 

Make sure you have up-to-date equipment!

You need your work to be the finest possible, and if you’re trying to get by with out-dated equipment, your cuts are not going to be as clean and accurate. Your equipment not only affects the look, but it prevents the countertops from being sealed correctly, too. And trust me, the clients WILL notice. 

Always show your past work

It’s absolutely essential that you gain your new client’s trust as soon as possible. Showing the work that you’ve done will prove your capability and ensure they want what you will provide.

Keeping your clients happy is the most important thing you can be doing in the stone countertop industry. Your work is long-term advertisement for your business. It will be displayed in your clients’ homes for years and years to come, and if they are not absolutely pleased with it, you’re in trouble. 

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