112 Ways Moraware Software Has Helped Countertop Shop Owners

Feb 6, 2020 | Business, CounterGo, Systemize

When you run a growing countertop shop, you quickly realize how crucial it is to improve your efficiency. Moraware’s software solutions have solved many of these problems for fabrication experts all over the country.

Whether it’s unprofessional quoting, disorganized whiteboards and messy Excel spreadsheets, or even inefficient scheduling systems, we’re so pleased to help countertop shop owners tidy up their systems and run more streamlined operations.

Don’t just take our word for it, though! We asked over 200 countertop shop professionals: how has Moraware’s software improved your life? 

From sleeping better at night to going paperless, here are 112 ways Moraware software has helped countertop shop owners.

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Countertop Layouts and Quotes

One of the first hurdles countertop and fabrication professionals face is professional and efficient quotes. Many of the responses we received had to do with how much easier quoting has become.

One of the best parts? Faster quoting means more time for other things, like drumming up new business or focusing more on production.

  1. I am no longer a full-time estimator, and my employees appreciate seeing me take a more hands-on, and physically present role. This software has allowed me to focus more of my time and energy into the production side of things. The opportunity to be more involved in quality control has offered me tremendous peace of mind.
  2. I can give a final price to the customer at the same moment I’m making a measurement.
  3. Faster bids means less backup, which means less stress.
  4. It has assisted our work at the saw table, since we can easily layout counters on slabs virtually, before any cuts.
  5. It has made drawing the layout easier. I can also get square footage, which is nice.
  1. Quoting is much easier and professional-looking, and it helps our customers understand the details, which helps us make the sales.
  2. Clients can trust my layouts when I use Moraware’s quoting software.
  3. Bidding is more efficient, which creates less stress for me and my staff.
  4. I don’t have to spend as much time on quotes, which frees up time to work on other areas of the business.
  5. It’s been amazing at allowing the customer to get a better visual of what the flow of their grain pattern is going to be with the layout process.
  6. My quotes look so much more professional now, better than handwritten quotes. I’d feel lost without the software!
  7. Quotes have become less tedious.
  8. It makes things easier to quote and send out quotes in a more efficient way.
  9. We can provide quotes to our customers within minutes.
  10. It had sped up how quickly I am able to get bids out. It’s also a central place for me to keep track of everything.
  11. I can have our newer office guys help do quick accurate quotes.
  12. We went from hand drawing all slabs and countertops on paper to being able to lay it out online. It has made it so much more convenient and easier to correctly make sure the job will fit on slabs the right way with the pattern matching. We also love the feature of being able to add a picture of the slab we are using.
  13. Faster, more efficient, more organized, and transparent estimating.
  14. Moraware speeds up the whole process, so not spending time trying to hand draw everything to get a cost.
  1. I love that we can do quotes remotely.
  2. It’s easy to change sinks and colors in the quote. So easy.

Client Retention and Customer Service

While Moraware has the greatest impact on your processes as a business, it does trickle out to your customers. They appreciate it when things go as planned.

  1. We’ve experienced a higher number of repeat clients!
  2. The peace of mind in knowing we are on the same page as our customer’s expectations makes for a better client experience, and it reduces stress. No more underestimating on slab count or square footage, which in turn takes money and time away from our company.
  3. I can get quick responses to my customers.
  4. We actually get fewer phone calls and emails regarding scheduling/job status questions!
  1. My customers love the technology with my quotes.
  2. I can provide accurate information in seconds to our customers without having to make people wait.
  3. I have happier customers!

Less Clutter and Confusion

When your countertop shop is running on spreadsheets and paper filing systems, there’s bound to be clutter and confusion between employees. By ditching all the paper and using a single system for the majority of your business practices, you’re able to free up time, cut down on clutter, and open up better communication between everyone.

  1. The ability to establish such transparency has instilled trust in every department. Our sales team is able to see exactly where the production process is, any ongoing communication from customers, and install/service dates. Our production doesn’t miss a step and communication is fluid. This program allows us to embrace the enjoyment of our work and takes the worry out of processes.
  2. It has made our lives easier and no more worries about finding paperwork.
  1. I no longer have to rely on several programs – I could consolidate into one software.
  2. We now have one program for sales, inventory, templating, and installs. It makes life easier.
  3. Everything we enter is available in real-time.
  4. Everyone from sales to our fabricators and installers all has the same information. We no longer have to search for answers or information to complete a project.
  5. Moraware software has simplified the whole company.
  6. Moraware is the one-stop-shop for many of the aspects of our business.
  7. Being able to set up the views that we want to see and to make sure that all i’s are dotted and all t’s are crossed is unbelievable.
  8. We are so much more organized.
  9. Moraware has helped with the organization of each job.
  10. Communication with all staff members is so much better… we can see information about clients in one spot.


Have you ever had to call a customer back because you didn’t have the information you needed on hand? With Moraware, that problem is gone. Many of our customers found that accessibility was the best part of the entire software system.

  1. We have been able to do business almost completely on iPads and not having to carry around folders and paper and strain our backs!
  2. We are able to access Moraware from anywhere anytime on almost anything.
  3. An employee at one of our other locations can see exactly what correspondence has taken place between sales staff and customers and can see any potential issues tagged for review prior to proceeding with fabrication. This ultimately reduces the possibility of potentially costly mistakes.
  4. I can access it anywhere so I can answer questions for clients or make changes on the go.
  5. We have peace of mind knowing that information we use daily can be accessed anywhere when the information is needed.
  1. Moraware makes running this business easier and helps all details be readily available to everyone.
  2. I no longer have to chase down someone to ask about particular jobs.
  3. It has definitely made it easier and relaxed knowing all the information needed is contained in one system with easy access. They also are paired with Job Well Done and the two working together has been great for the communication between our installers and shop.
  4. Because we can log in from anywhere, I’m not tied to a desk. I don’t have to be in the office to check on something. I can just look it up quickly and go about my business.
  5. It has made our everyday business easier. Having one system to quote and schedule has given us the opportunity for growth.
  6. Moraware organized my jobs in one centralized place that I can access from the road or home, making my job easier by not having to keep track of all the job information in files.

Increasing Efficiency and Time Management

Technology is all about making you more efficient and freeing up time previously spent on busywork. Moraware certainly doesn’t fall short there! Our quoting and scheduling software systems help countertop professionals save time and streamline processes across the board.

  1. When jobs fall off or need to be added, I don’t have to re-invent the wheel each time. My calendars are all live and accurate, and quick use of the mapping application and I can see if a new job fits a route or if a job falling off will significantly change a day. Moraware is a true time-saver.
  2. Less paperwork!
  3. With Moraware, we are able to get square footage details quickly; therefore, we are able to utilize the time we would normally have to manually calculate to produce more business!
  4. Being able to check on machines, departments, people, and vehicles has made staying on top of everything a possible task with this software.
  5. Moraware has allowed us to manage more jobs without an overwhelming amount of paperwork.
  6. It has given us the ability to delegate activities to spread the workload giving everyone more time to concentrate on the activities they are rewarded for.
  7. I get to spend more time working in the shop instead of in front of a computer.
  1. With the help of software solutions, I personally have less responsibility on my plate.
  2. Moraware has saved huge amounts of time for both the machine operators and the marketing department.
  3. Moraware has given me more time.
  4. Moraware has freed up time and has added certainty to the pricing process.
  5. I really like that I don’t have to ask a client, “what’s your location, email, last name?” It’s all right there.
  6. How has Moraware improved my life? Time, time, time.
  7. The software has actually made the selling process faster.
  8. I now have more time to devote to sales.
  9. It makes day-to-day business tasks very simple.
  10. Moraware increases our productivity and eliminates much of our paper usage and storage by having our information electronically saved and stored.
  11. Moraware has made it easier to track jobs.
  12. It has improved our productivity greatly, allowing us to do much more in a shorter period of time.
  13. We are faster and more efficient.
  14. We have less stress when thinking about how to cut a slab, and it makes ordering material easier. It shows you how many slabs you’ll need.

Better Scheduling

Scheduling – especially as you grow – can be a pain in the neck. Thankfully, technology can make the logistics a lot easier.

  1. Every morning, we used to huddle around the magnetic schedule board and spend hours debating how the template, fabrication, and installation will all come together. Now that the shop made the transition to all electronic scheduling, we have time to focus on the real work of the business.
  1. Moraware makes scheduling so much easier (Routing, Maps, etc.).
  2. Our old scheduling system was a homemade program that was ancient. Moraware provides a user-friendly format that saves all of our employees time.
  3. No more stress with scheduling and communications with customers. Having everything in one spot in real-time is amazing.
  4. We can share our schedule. It’s been a lifesaver.
  5. We are now able to see important information when on the phone with our customers instead of having to put them on hold and go to the whiteboard to see the schedule.
  6. It’s saving time and headaches by allowing everyone on my staff the ability to see where everything is on the schedule. Plus, fewer questions for me!

Fewer Errors and Mistakes

When there’s fewer errors, there’s happier customers and less stress for you. Several of our customers reported that Moraware software stopped things from slipping through the cracks.

  1. There are fewer mistakes due to shared information.
  2. We are so much better at having on-time appointments.
  3. We’ve cut down a ton on human errors.
  1. I spend less time worrying about the correct materials and labor being included.
  2. Moraware helps eliminate mistakes that happened due to not having the work order in hand. This alone creates less stress.
  3. We are able to keep appointments and commitments organized and not worry about forgetting things.
  4. No more worries about wrong quotes!
  5. No angry customers because we missed an appointment!

Personal Improvements

Having better systems in place for your fabrication company is really what this is all about, but we were pleased to hear that the benefits don’t stop there. When things are going well at work, they go well at home, too.

  1. I sleep better because all the job-specific customer details are in Moraware, not in my brain!
  2. I no longer take work home. And if a problem does occur after hours, I can view Moraware from my phone no matter where I am. It definitely cuts down on the stress.
  3. I can truly say I have experienced a better work/life balance since implementing Moraware.
  4. It’s much easier for me to sell the job – fewer mistakes, less brain damage!!
  5. I have less stress.
  6. Less hair to wash from pulling it out.
  7. I am finally able to leave work and go spend time with my family!
  1. Moraware has improved not only my quality of life but every one of my employee’s lives, too! 
  2. I have been able to spend more time with my family now that I am not having to look over all bids before they are sent out.
  3. This software gave me more confidence in my business, which is a huge peace of mind.
  4. I’m able to spend less time in the office due to easier calculating.
  5. I’m able to go home fast to see my family.
  6. Peace of mind with controlled flow, following a process.
  7. The software made my work easier, so I’m not freaking out anymore about things at work.
  8. I can now sleep…

Cost Savings

While implementing new software isn’t free, most Moraware customers report that they’re saving money and increasing profits since implementing it!

  1. Since I started using Moraware, my sales increased due to presentation. I’m able to show my customers how many slabs I’m going to need for their countertops and explaining how adding a seam to their stone not only saves them money by not having to buy another slab but also minimizes the risk of breaking their stone on transport or install.
  2. More jobs = more money.
  1. Moraware eliminates the need for expensive computer servers.
  2. We’ve been able to not only save time but also money.
  3. It has made me more money and produced less stress, especially being web-based.
  4. We have more sales, which brings more happiness. It helps the business and helps the business owner.
  5. Saves time – time is valued in my business and therefore saves money.
  6. I have saved a lot of money and increased profits. Before signing up with Moraware, I had to buy another slab for a 16″ x 25-1/2″ piece. I was off by 4″ for this cut. That’s when I decided it was time!

What Are You Waiting For?

If all of this sounds awesome, but you’re worried about bringing on new technology, you have nothing to fear! Check out these final responses from our customers:

  1. It’s very user-friendly!
  2. Moraware is easy to train, yet powerful enough that it takes time to master.

If you haven’t yet scheduled a free demo of CounterGo or Systemize, you have nothing to lose, but 112 things to gain. We hope to meet you soon!