New Feature: Orders

New Feature: Orders

We’re excited to announce a new feature in CounterGo – Orders!

Over 200 customers have recently told us how much CounterGo has sped up their estimating process and increased their countertop sales. Well, we wanted to continue helping fabricators streamline their process after the sale.

What’s new in CounterGo

Now in CounterGo, after you create a quote and your customer signs off on it, it’s no longer a quote – It’s an Order!

Once you convert a sold quote to an Order, you can do things like: 

Reduce double entry for jobs and increase reporting capabilities in Systemize

If you have both Systemize and CounterGo, you’ll notice that Orders data shows up on a Job. That means you no longer have to re-enter key data like price, sf, and color into your jobs!

With information importing directly from your Orders, you’ll be able to create important reports that will help you understand your business like which materials and colors were the best selling over the last year.

Not already using CounterGo?

If you’re looking for a way to better your current quoting process and increase your sales, take some time to talk to our team about how CounterGo can help your countertop shop!

6 thoughts on “New Feature: Orders

  1. paul evangelista

    Some great features with this new function.

    Is there a way to add more detail? Like including sink type and quantity in the details of the orders? It currently lists Material x sq ft, splash height x lf, and edge type by lf. Can other details like number of sinks, sink mounting, or anything else we charge that is visible can be added to the details? Can we customize it?

    1. Katherine Gifford Post author

      Hi Paul, thanks for the comment! Someone from our support team will contact you via email shortly to walk you through some of those questions.

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