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Why you should join us

At Moraware, we solve business problems for countertop fabricators. For the past 14 years, we’ve been steadily growing by regularly adding more customers to our SaaS subscription service. Today, we’re a team of 10 folks helping more than 1700 businesses solve their scheduling, quoting, and inventory problems.

In terms of company culture, we’ve got a list of things we all care about and strive for. We’re happiest when we make a little bit of an improvement each day. Sometimes that means that things might be a little half-baked at the beginning, but we keep refining.

None of us are average; we’re among the best at what we do. We work better together to solve problems. We make important decisions together, working independently when necessary to execute those decisions. We do what we say, and we’re self-aware and able to take and give criticism.

Our whole company is customer-focused. We’ve all got a passion for solving business problems, and we’re sure the value we create for our customers will turn into value for us too.

But, it’s incredibly important that we have balance. Having a reasonable balance between work, family, and hobbies is what keeps everyone here sane & gives us energy to do the best work possible.

Does that sound like you, too? Take a look at the open positions and shoot us an email!