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Why you should join us

At Moraware, we solve business problems for countertop fabricators. Since 2002, we’ve been steadily growing by regularly adding more customers to our SaaS subscription service. Today, our team helps fabricators quote and schedule millions of countertop installations every year.

We’ve defined a set of company values, guiding principles, and a framework for how we solve problems. Our company culture isn’t for everyone, but it’s incredibly important for us to make sure we’re aligned as a team around these principles and values.

Moraware company values

We’ve got company values. It’s easy to write a list like this and have it be “just words”. What’s important is that we aspire to live these every day:

  • Brutal Honesty, kindly delivered – we’re self-aware and able to take and give criticism
  • Incremental improvement – make a little bit of an improvement each day
  • Collaborative – we work better together to solve problems. We make important decisions together, working independently when necessary to execute those decisions
  • Do what you say you’re going to do or don’t say you’re going to do it
  • Passion for solving business problems – both ours and our customers
  • Customer focused – we make decisions based on the value that we can create for our customers – we trust that this will turn into value for us over time

Can you live up to this (high) standard? Every day? One of the ways to know you’re succeeding at Moraware is that you exhibit most of these values on a regular basis.

Moraware guiding principles

We use guiding principles to make sure we’re on the right track. We want to balance increasing revenue, increasing profit, and increasing quality of life for everyone at Moraware.

Increasing revenue and profit are pretty obvious and easy to measure. Those are the economic engines that let us stay in business and include a buffer in case the economy gets worse or we want to invest more heavily in expanding our business.

Quality of life is a little tougher to pin down, but here’s what it means to us:


  • My work is engaging & challenging, but not overwhelming.
  • My work is valuable, I’m good at it, and I like doing it.
  • My work has a measurable impact on the success of the company.


  • I have a great relationship with my team.
  • I have open and clear communication with my manager and peers.


  • I take time off. When others on my team take time off, I’m not overwhelmed by extra work.
  • For work that doesn’t depend on other people, I have flexibility to schedule my time.


  • I am improving my skills through education both inside and outside of Moraware.
  • I am making progress toward my career goals.


  • I participate in the financial success of the company.

In order to work toward those guiding principles, we’re going to keep getting more customers, make those customers more successful over time, and keep solving more problems for our customers.

And, we’ll continue to make Moraware run more smoothly.

How we solve problems

So how do we keep getting more customers, making them more successful, solving more problems, and making things run more smoothly?

We build products. We’re not a services company.

And that philosophy extends to everything we do. Our products, processes, and systems are scalable, repeatable, and improving over time.

We build expensive solutions to hard problems, and the payback is only over lots of people over a long time. Our financial success is based on building long-term solutions.

Does Moraware sound like the kind of place you could thrive? Take a look at the open positions and shoot us an email!