CounterGo: Countertop Estimating Questions

Common CounterGo Questions

Do you offer customer support?
Yes. Customer support is available by phone and email at no additional charge.
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Do I need to install software to run CounterGo for quoting countertops?
No. Moraware CounterGo is completely web-based and no software is downloaded or installed. CounterGo runs in any current web browser including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. In addition, CounterGo works well on a tablet such as an iPad or Surface with 4G or LTE connectivity.
What countertop materials can CounterGo quote?
CounterGo is perfect for quoting Granite, Quartz, Solid Surface (like Corian®, Hi-Macs®, etc), Marble, Soapstone, Ultra Compact, Recycled slab surfaces and other natural stones.
CounterGo only works for quoting laminate surfaces when quoting is done by square footage or by the sheet. Quoting by linear foot is not supported. In addition, CounterGo does not factor in the trimmed edge material for laminate.
My company is outside of the US, will CounterGo work for me?
Yes. We have customers in Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. Our software, documentation and customer support are only in English. And, CounterGo can be configured to reflect some regional naming preferences – for example, ‘upstand’ instead of ‘backsplash’.
Does CounterGo support metric measurements?
Yes. Metric units can be selected during the initial setup or on a specific quoting price list.
Does CounterGo support multiple price lists?
Yes. Separate price lists can be created for retail customers, builders, dealers, etc. or you can use one price list and apply discounts to different accounts.
Does every quote need to include a countertop drawing?
No, you can make a quick quote for countertops and print or email the quote without including a drawing on the printed form.

CounterGo Pricing Questions

Is there a contract or commitment?
No. CounterGo is available as a monthly subscription. There is no commitment and no fee to cancel. We even offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee – if you cancel within 90 days of signing up, we refund back the full amount paid.
How much does CounterGo cost?
CounterGo Pricing details.