Level Up Your Countertop Quotes

Create straightforward, professional estimates with CounterGo. Draw your countertop, lay it out on slabs, and generate a price in just a few minutes.

Win more jobs by including professional and accurate countertop drawings with your quotes. It’s simple with CounterGo!

Take your shop to the next level with professional, accurate quotes

countertop fabrication price list detail in CounterGo

Set up your price list to make building estimates a breeze

Once your materials and costs are entered, simply select the material in a drop-down. Pricing automatically populates on your quote – no more calculating costs in your head.

Have the confidence to close any job with fast, professional quotes

Your customers will know exactly how much you charge – and you’ll have the drawings to explain it. 

  • Easily adjust quotes if needed. No need to create an entirely new quote – even after the job is sold
  • Export quotes directly to QuickBooks and instantly turn them into invoices
Countertop job quote sample in CounterGo
historical countertop quote view in CounterGo

Keep all your quotes organized in one place

Throw away your pad of paper. Instead, store all your customer’s contact information right alongside their drawings and estimates.

You can see all the details of every job in no time with the quote repository. Easily search and find quotes, and keep it all organized by account.


CounterGo helps fabricators win more jobs

2000+ Fabricating teams use and trust Moraware

“We have increased our estimating capabilities tremendously. I would say probably 50%!”

Carol, CounterKraft

“Moraware has helped us by letting our customers see a breakdown of the estimate which makes it a lot easier for them to understand.”

Jessica, Roman Marble

“CounterGo is super user-friendly. My husband isn’t great with computers, but it’s so simple, he got it.”

Maria, Luscious Stone LLC

Send professional, accurate quotes in six easy-to-follow steps

1. Set counter dimensions

Quickly create countertop drawings with an easy drag-and-draw tool using your phone, tablet, or desktop.

2. Add curves & bump-outs

Click on an edge or a corner to add a full radius, bump-ins, bump-outs, and arcs.

3. Add splash & edge finishings

Set custom splash sizes on edges or set edges for appliances or finishings.

4. Cutout sinks & stovetops

Add cutouts for your standard sink models and cooktops. Now you have a finished layout to show your customer.

5. Set material color & layout

Easily overlay countertop drawings onto slab images to estimate materials and give your customers a visual reference.

6. Generate price details

Your pricing is automatically calculated based on your drawings and gives you a full breakdown of costs. Export it for a professional-looking quote.

“CounterGo is super simple. It gives you the steps: 1 through 6. You just click, click, and go to the end.

Maria, Luscious Stone LLC

CounterGo Pricing

A countertop fabricator’s go-to tool for drawings and quotes.


  • 6-step drag-and-drop drawing tool
  • Generate accurate pricing in an instant
  • Easy QuickBooks integration
  • Add your custom materials and price list
  • Create professional-looking quotes in minutes
  • Organize all your quotes in one place


  • Dedicated onboarding specialist
  • Unlimited phone, email, and video support
  • No locked-in contract (month-to-month)
  • On-demand help articles and video tutorials

$100/month per user

As simple as draw layout → quote

CounterGo works in all English-speaking locations
CounterGo can be configured to the imperial or metric system to calculate countertop measurements. You can also configure regional naming preferences such as changing “cooktop” to “hob”.

You can create multiple price lists
Separate price lists can be created for retail customers, builders, and dealers. Or you can use one price list and apply discounts to different accounts.

Suitable for most types of countertops
Simply add your custom materials and you’re ready to go. For laminate edges, we don’t support trimmed edges and quoting can only be done by square footage or sheet.

Runs on any device with an internet connection
Just open your browser and get to work. You can use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your phone.

You get free onboarding…
And unlimited support thereafter. We’ll help you get all your price lists and materials loaded correctly so that quoting is a breeze. If you run into an issue, you can email, call, or chat with us on Zoom.

“CounterGo makes estimating faster and shortens the buying cycle.”

Gavin, Keystone Granite

Our products are so easy, even your least “techy” team member will love them. Here’s how to get started…

  1. Schedule a sales consult
    Chat with an expert and learn the ins-and-outs of how CounterGo and Systemize make your work easier and faster.
  2. Onboarding training session
    You’ll get a dedicated onboarding specialist who’ll quickly get you and your team up to speed on how to get the most out of Moraware’s tools.
  3. Ongoing, human support
    If you have any issue at all, just schedule a call. We’re here to get you back on track asap.