Exceed your customer’s expectations with fast, accurate, and professional quotes.

Fabricators can draw, layout, and quote in 3 minutes using CounterGo, Moraware’s industry-leading countertop drawing and estimating software.


Quickly and easily create accurate, consistent, and professional countertop drawings for your customers with only a few clicks of your mouse.


Reduce costly errors and get more satisfied customers by laying out the countertop on slabs to determine material usage and seams.


Professional looking quotes win more jobs. Consistently send polished and branded quotes with our customizable templates.

Now includes the new Quickbooks Integration

Our new QuickBooks Integration lets you export sold jobs from CounterGo to QuickBooks, eliminating the need for double entry; making accounting faster, easier, and reducing the risk of costly errors.

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Get to the next level with efficient, accurate, and professional quoting



Faster drawing and quoting

Fast turnaround time is a serious competitive edge. Draw, layout & quote in 3 minutes.

Quote from anywhere

Our cloud-based software is available to use wherever you conduct business; whether that’s the showroom, your home office, or from a customer’s house or job site.

Fast revisions and revision tracking

Stop wasting time re-quoting jobs. Change a measurement on a drawing and CounterGo automatically recalculates your dimensions and updates your pricing. Plus, revisions are tracked so you can review or revert if needed.

Easy, quick slab layout

Quickly determine how much material you will need by laying out your countertops onto slabs.

Quickly access customer and quote information

Find a customer’s history, contact details, and quote information quickly by digitally centralizing it in an easily accessible program. This allows you to reduce disorganized paper and file folder systems and view information on site. 

Fast and easy accounting with QuickBooks Integration

Accounting can be daunting and time-consuming; QuickBooks integration makes it fast and easy by allowing you to export Orders directly to QuickBooks, eliminating the need for double entry.


Consistent pricing on all quotes

All team members can produce consistent and accurate quotes by using our easy, repeatable quoting process. Simply draw the countertop and CounterGo will automatically calculate pricing based on your Price List.

Quickly train new staff members

It’s easy to train and onboard new salespeople with straightforward drawing and quoting; giving you the peace of mind to comfortably delegate quoting responsibilities and eliminating a common bottleneck.

Reduce costly mistakes

Save your business money and prevent uncomfortable conversations with customers by never underestimating the amount of material/slabs required for a job or forgetting to charge for details and miscellaneous items.

Reduce accounting errors with QuickBooks Integration

We all know that manual processes increase the chances of mistakes. Our QuickBooks integration lets you export Orders from CounterGo, eliminating the need for double entry and reducing the risk of costly errors


Professionally communicate designs

Show the benefit of purchasing additional slabs and reduce the risk of miscommunication with customers by showing them what their finished countertops will look like. Even overlay an image and show an estimation of vein matching and seams.

Higher win rates

Increase the amount of sales you win by presenting information in a easy to understand quote template and spending more time communicating with homeowners about the details that matter to them most.

Consistent professional-looking quotes

Professional looking quotes win more jobs. Consistently send polished and branded quotes with our customizable templates. 

Keep quotes organized

Accurately and quickly answer customer questions and make communication fluid both internally and externally, with the ability to quickly lookup and reference quotes and attached documents on any web-connected device.

Track wins and losses

Easily view closed and outstanding jobs to allow salespeople to focus on priorities and give managers a clear understanding of who is making the biggest impact to the business. 

Provide customers with options

The ability to quickly provide multiple options that fit a customer’s vision and budget gives customers a way to make faster, informed decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your pricing work?

CounterGo is $100/month per user.

There are no contracts, no startup or cancellation fees, and unlimited support is included. 

You will be billed monthly. Visit our pricing page for more info.

Can I pay for the year up-front?

No, we do billing on a monthly basis only.

Do you have a free trial?

We don’t have a trial version of the software. If for whatever reason the software doesn’t end up being the solution you thought it would be, there are no contracts, cancellation fee, or implementation fees that would hinder you from discontinuing your subscription.

My company is outside the U.S, will CounterGo work for me?

Yes, but our software, documentation, and customer support are only available in English. The only exception is that our software can be configured to reflect some regional naming preferences (splashback, upstand, hob, etc.).

Does CounterGo support metric measurements?

Yes, metric units can be selected during the initial setup or on a specific price list. We’ve got a helpful article in our knowledge base to guide you through the set-up.

Does Moraware have software for cabinets as well?

At this time, CounterGo is software made for countertop fabricators specifically.

Does CounterGo support multiple price lists?

Yes, separate price lists can be created for retail customers, builders, dealers, etc. or you can use one price list and apply discounts to different accounts.

What materials can CounterGo quote?

CounterGo is perfect for quoting most types of countertops. There are 20 product lines built in and the option to add in custom material.

We should note that CounterGo only works for quoting laminate surfaces when quoting is done by square footage or by the sheet. Quoting by linear foot is not supported. In addition, CounterGo does not factor in the trimmed edge material for laminate.

Do I need to install software to run CounterGo for quoting countertops?

No. Our software is completely web-based, so nothing needs to be downloaded or installed. CounterGo runs in any current web browser and works well on tablets such as an iPad or Surface with 4G or LTE connectivity.

Is CounterGo an app?

CounterGo is completely web-based, so no app is needed. Rather than accessing a limited version on the software via app, you can pull up the complete software on on any tablet, such as an iPad or Surface, with 4G or LTE connectivity.

How long will it take to get up and running?

You can begin quoting the moment you receive your CounterGo license.

We do however highly recommend attending our free onboarding calls to increase the speed of implementation and ensure you have your price lists set up correctly.

How many fabricators are using CounterGo?
Is the QuickBooks integration included in my CounterGo subscription?
How does the QuickBooks integration feature work?


CounterGo has allowed me to focus more of my time and energy into the production side of things. I am no longer a full-time estimator, and my employees appreciate seeing me take a more hands-on and physically present role.

Sean Keller

Flagstaff Tile & Stone

It has allowed me to easily train our sales staff to compile bids and has made our bid turnaround time extremely efficient resulting in more jobs.

Annie Brooks

Stone Creations

CounterGo is a lifesaver.

Over the last year, I’ve been able to grow the company to several jobs per day and haven’t had to hire anyone else to do quotes.

Robby Wysuph

Northern Stone

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