QuickBooks Integration for CounterGo

The Leading Estimating Software Together with the Leading Accounting Software

CounterGo makes it possible to draw, layout, and quote in just 3 minutes.

Now, it also makes accounting fast, easy, and more accurate.

Our new QuickBooks Integration lets you export sold jobs from CounterGo to QuickBooks, eliminating the need for double entry; making accounting faster, easier, and reducing the risk of costly errors.

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Even better, QuickBooks integration is included free with CounterGo!

QuickBooks Integration


  • Export Orders to QuickBooks Invoices or Estimates
  • Full control over which Orders get exported
  • One-way communication from CounterGo to QuickBooks keeps all your accounting information secure
  • Exported Orders that are changed in CounterGo can be updated in QuickBooks
  • Multiple ways to view and track the status of exported Orders
  • Map customers to existing ones, or create new ones directly from CounterGo at export
  • CounterGo Payments can be exported to QuickBooks Invoices
  • Account and Order addresses are exported to QuickBooks as Billing and Shipping addresses
  • Easy item, tax rate, and tax code mapping

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QuickBooks Integration FAQs

Which versions of QuickBooks does CounterGo integrate with?

Our integration works with most online and desktop versions of QuickBooks. However, there are a few rare exceptions. If you are having trouble setting up QuickBooks, please contact our support team at support@moraware.com.

Is the QuickBooks integration included in my CounterGo subscription?

Yes, QuickBooks integration is included for anyone who is new to CounterGo or is on V2.

How does the QuickBooks integration feature work?
Do you integrate with any other accounting systems besides QuickBooks?
QuickBooks is the only accounting system we currently integrate with.