Systemize Inventory

Systemize Inventory Edition includes all features of Systemize Standard Edition and adds purchasing and inventory capabilities. New customers start with Standard Edition, because it’s required to schedule the jobs before assigning inventory. It’s easy to upgrade when you’re ready.

Systemize Inventory is $1200/month for the first 5 users, $50/month for each additional user.

If you’re not yet tracking inventory at all, start with our free Inventory Toolkit – it might be all you ever need!

Know what you need to order

See which slabs are on hand, ordered, allocated, and avialable

Did you order the right slabs for every job?


With Systemize Inventory Edition, you’ll have live view of each slab that’s currently in stock, on order, or being used on a job.

Track the material on jobs

When a customer changes their countertop selection, everyone in the office and shop will know the right material and color instantly.

Use slabs you already have

see the details about each slab in inventory
Systemize lets you know which materials you have in stock, so you’re not over-ordering colors that are already in your slab yard.

Keep track of the shop from your office

Know exactly what’s happening with inventory in the shop without having to walk out there.

Want to learn more?

If you’re already using Systemize Standard Edition and want to improve how you track inventory, click the button below and we’ll schedule a 25-minute Systemize Inventory Edition demo with you.