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If you manage your countertop shop with whiteboards, file folders, or spreadsheets we can help. Join the hundreds of other fabricators who get more done every day and have happier customers.

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Job Management

Countertop Job summary screenshotWasting time looking for information is a leading cause of poor customer service and lost money. JobTracker saves time, eliminates mistakes and organizes your business. It’s the office whiteboard, folders and spreadsheets, all neatly tied together with powerful search functionality. Enter job info once and everyone can find it quickly when it’s needed.

Just rescheduled a job activity? Everyone’s calendar instantly updates.

Activity Scheduling

Job scheduling calendarThe Calendar shows what’s going on in the field & shop.
Activities are color coded showing business at a glance. Icons appear to warn of double-booking. Rearrange the schedule or reassign tasks by simply dragging activities on the JobTracker calendar. Map countertop installs by truck to optimize the schedule.Each person can create personalized views…
– The Scheduler? See all Unconfirmed Installs
– The Shop Manager? View fabrication tasks by day.

Comprehensive Accounts

JobTracker Account summary screenshotThe Account Detail page summarizes all information related to a single customer.In addition to contact information, this page summarizes quotes and jobs (pending & complete) for the account.

Powerful Flexibility

Job settings Activity TypesJobTracker is highly customizable to fit your business processes like a glove. Software should fit your business, not make you change it.Track countertop jobs from lead to sale, template through production, and finally delivery & installation.

Quote Integration

printable countertop quoteJobTracker integrates seamlessly with CounterGo countertop drawing software (CounterGo is a separate product with separate monthly costs).A single click creates a Job from a Quote. Switch back & forth between jobs and quotes. Even include CounterGo quotes in the daily field crew printouts.

JobTracker Pricing

JobTracker comes with a no risk, 90 day money-back guarantee.

Visit the JobTracker pricing page for full pricing details.

We also have JobTracker Inventory Edition, but we recommend starting with JobTracker Standard Edition.

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