Moraware Servers

Keeping JobTracker on our servers

We work hard at maintaining our hardware and software so you don’t have to. We’re constantly improving how we manage our servers, so it’s hard to give a snapshot of what we do today, but the basic principles are always the same. Our approach is to minimize the risk of anything catastrophic happening, and provide the best possible performance. We do this through our servers, infrastructure, backups, and our expertise.

High-performance servers

We run multiple servers, and we get new servers on a regular basis. At any given time, our oldest machines are no more than two years old. Since hardware specifications are always improving, with every new server we take advantage of the latest technology –fast RAID disk drives, multiple processors, and lots of memory.

Robust infrastructure

All of our servers are located in a data center that’s secure, reliable, and fully managed 24/7. The data center is physically secure, and has a fully controlled environment including high-end cooling and power systems, and multiple backup power sources. In the case of a hardware failure, the techs on staff can provide immediate fixes. Our servers are connected through a high-speed network with a direct connection to multiple premium bandwidth providers.

Frequent backups

In addition to having hardware and infrastructure that are secure and reliable, we spend lots of effort making sure that we can handle catastrophic events by backing up data. The RAID drives on our servers protect against a single drive failure. We do near-continuous local backups of our servers to protect against a single server crashing. And, we do offsite backups to ensure that if our entire data center is destroyed, there will be only minimal interruption or loss of data.

Software expertise

Since we run servers dedicated to JobTracker, we also make sure that the software is always up-to-date and configured to give the best possible performance. We are experts in administering JobTracker and the database that it runs on – SQL. We ensure that our servers are up-to-date with the latest updates to operating systems, drivers, security, and anti-virus protection.

Because of the effort and expense we put into our servers, infrastructure, our hosted service is fast, reliable, and secure. If you have specific technical questions about our setup, feel free to call us.