Moraware Login Assistance

Need help with your sign in to JobTracker or CounterGo?

Problem: Can’t remember your company’s JobTracker/CounterGo login link?

Solution: Each Moraware customer has a unique web link to access your Moraware software.
It will look like: <your_company>
Ways to find your link:

  • Check the original welcome email (search your email inbox for “Welcome to Moraware”)
  • type into your browser address bar and it may auto-complete
  • Contact Moraware Customer Support

Problem: Can’t remember your JobTracker / CounterGo password?

Solution: On the login page for your company, you should see a Forgot Your Password link. Click that and enter your username and email address.
Note: If you do not see the Forgot Your Password link, either:
a) there is no email address specified for your user
b) your user security settings include “cannot change password”
If you do not have a Forgot Your Password link, you’ll need to ask one of your Administrative users to reset your password.

Problem: Help, I’ve been locked out after repeated login / signin failures.

Solution: You can wait the 20 minutes until your user auto-unlocks OR you can immediately unlock your user by doing a password reset. Click Forgot Your Password on the login screen.

Problem: I like to spell Moraware as Moroware, Moreware, Morware, etc.

Solution: Once you’ve painstakingly spelled Moraware correctly one time, you can bookmark the address in your browser and you won’t have to type it again 🙂