This page tracks any issues affecting the performance of Moraware-hosted JobTracker and CounterGo. We also report issues on the Moraware facebook page.

JobTracker: Operating Normally
CounterGo: Operating Normally


2/28/2017 1:00pm ET – a widespread Amazon S3 outage resulted in stalled loading of Firefly (the screen viewing tool we use for support), which caused JobTracker & CounterGo pages to not load completely and our software was not behaving properly as a result. We deployed a workaround fix by 1:45pm ET, resolving the page loading issues in our applications. Our customer support software (HelpScout) was also impacted by the Amazon outage, so we were unable to receive support emails and voicemail notifications, which delayed our technical support replies by a few hours beyond when our software was restored to full operation.


Amazon S3 – downtime notice

Support Ticket – downtime details

More Details on Amazon outage – Read Details »

12/9/2016 5:15pm – some users experienced slowness, due to a rogue process on one server.

10/6/2016 1:30pm ET – Some users experienced degraded performance.

8/16/2016 – A handful of customers reported intermittent downtime reaching Moraware servers. The problem initially occurred at 2:40pm ET and reports of resolution were rolling in by 2:55pm ET. During the period, Moraware servers were performing normally and experiencing normal loads. Widespread Comcast outages were likely a contributing factor.

7/7/2016 – A few customers in the southeastern U.S. reported being unable to reach Moraware applications via their Internet connection, but were able to reach Moraware software via cellular data connections. Moraware servers were confirmed to be working properly. Indications point to a temporary regional issue with some Internet routers in the Atlanta area. All customers were able to reach Moraware regularly within 20 minutes.

5/12/2016 – Customers reported that the map activities function between Google Maps and JobTracker was not loading. Google Map API had updated and our tech staff made the necessary changes. Total downtime of the mapping functionality was approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.

5/9/2016 – Many customers experienced issues reaching Moraware servers when one of our hosting providers experienced network issues with a primary router. They resolved the issue in approximately 15 minutes. Widespread network issues affecting AT&T and Comcast also contributed to spotty network access.

11/4/2015 – A handful of customers were unable to reach Moraware in the morning. There was no disruption in server traffic, so the issue was likely an Internet outage somewhere between our data center and their offices. For most customers, the issue resolved itself within a few minutes. We moved one customer to our other data center, resolving the issue.

6/17/2015 – The JobTracker mapping feature was unavailable for an estimated 3-4 hours. Other JobTracker features all functioned normally. A server adjustment was needed and was performed during non-peak hours.

12/18/2014 – Our help system is experiencing delivery issues. Our responses may be delayed.

12/10/2014 – Mapping of activities on the JobTracker calendar was experiencing a run-time error. Issue was resolved by our technical staff by 10am ET.

11/17/2014 – Some users experienced issues connecting to Moraware with Google Chrome. Using Firefox or IE was a short-term solution, long-term solution implemented during off-peak hours the same day.

8/28/2014 – We experienced problems with our help system. Resolved by 3rd party provider.

8/28/2014 – The service provider who sends emails for CounterGo experienced intermittent interruptions. More information here.

8/12/2014 – Several of our customers reported issues connecting to Moraware today. This was caused by widespread problems on the Internet. For ongoing updates, visit our facebook page.

7/16/2014, mid day – We’ve had some issues with our 3rd party help system (HelpScout). The issue appears to be resolved, but it impacted our ability to respond to some help requests as quickly as we would have liked.

4/2/2014, early morning – Our UK customers experienced issues connecting to Moraware (both CounterGo and JobTracker). The issue appeared to be network-related.

2/24/2014 – A handful of users reported intermittent issues connecting to Moraware (both CounterGo and JobTracker). The issue appeared to be network-related (likely a router down somewhere on the Internet between our servers and customer offices in certain parts of the country).

2/10/2014 – An evening update affected JobTracker users running Internet Explorer 8 and un-patched versions of IE9, making the software unusable for those users. The issue was discovered the morning of 2/11/2014. After our developers were notified, it took about 30 minutes to diagnose and another 30 minutes to roll out a fix to all users. Our sincere apologies to those affected.