Solid Image – Customer Profile

Apr 5, 2004 | Customer Profile

Scheduling problems:  Originally, Solid Image was spending 3 hours each day updating the schedule for the template and install crews.  They used a combination of file folders, Excel, and Outlook to keep track of everything for a job.

Estimating problems:  To create a quote, they would write down the requirements, look up pricing, calculate the price for each color group by hand, and then create a word document to send to the customer.  This was time consuming, and resulted in inconsistent quotes which could only be done by one person.  

They tried using another countertop software program, but they found it to be “more difficult than the mish-mash system that we already had in place.”

The solution:
Since Solid Image began using JobTracker, their process has greatly improved.  Instead of spending 3 hours a day on the schedule, they now schedule twice as many jobs in only 45 minutes. “The color coding is a great way to quickly identify the status of a job and the job activity itself.” 

All of Solid Image’s pricing levels are in JobTracker. To create a quote, all they do is type in the measurements for the job, and the prices are automatically calculated. The quotes now are consistent and accurate, no matter who creates them. “Quotes are so easy to do now!”

Customer service has also improved.  “Our customers benefit too because we can quickly find a job while on the phone by using the Search button.”  They also know the status of every job, “We are able to easily locate a job in the system and we know exactly where we are in the process from cut-up to fabrication to install.”

By saving time and getting organized with JobTracker, Solid Image has been able to grow, and concentrate on improving the productivity of their shop.