Integrated software gives fabricators a competitive edge.

May 1, 2004 | News

May 1, 2004 – San Mateo, CA

Fabricators are feeling the crunch of increased competition, pressure to lower prices, and the need to carry a wider range of products. In response to these growing demands, they are turning to Moraware JobTracker to increase productivity and profits.

Many fabricators struggle to manage the information overload caused by constantly shifting schedules and material from multiple suppliers. Having an integrated software package allows them to stay on top of it all.“We are able to easily locate a job in Moraware JobTracker and we know exactly where we are in the process from cut-up to fabrication to install,” says Mark Schroeder, of Solid Image of Central Florida, “Our customers benefit because we can quickly find a job while on the phone with them.”

With expanded product offerings, ordering material becomes more complex and prone to errors, which can result in delayed schedules or costly excess inventory. Paul White, of Cache Valley Counter Tops, has seen a dramatic change in their purchasing process since they started using Moraware JobTracker. “Coordinating jobs and ordering material used to take all of my time, and I couldn’t easily hand off the work. Now it is being done faster by someone who’s only been doing it for two months.”

Moraware JobTracker allows fabricators to manage more jobs in less time. Having integrated software gives fabricators an edge in today’s market, and will become necessary to stay competitive in the future.

About Moraware:
Moraware was founded in 2002 with the mission of providing easy-to-use software for fabricators. Moraware JobTracker combines flexibility and ease-of-use to eliminate training costs and allow fabrication shops to become more productive immediately.

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