Specialty Finishing – Customer Profile

Nov 14, 2006 | Customer Profile

Profile at a Glance: Specialty Finishing has been a major player in the countertop industry for over 20 years, fabricating and installing laminate, solid surfaces, and quartz surfaces. The company also manufactures custom cabinets for both retail and wholesale customers.

The Problem: Specialty Finishing used a series of complicated spreadsheets to track jobs for each type of countertop material, plus cabinets. Because many customers incorporated multiple products and finishes into a single project, tracking jobs required multiple entries of redundant information. Lacking a single, easy-to-access clearinghouse for essential job-related information, resources such as vehicles and personnel were often over-scheduled.

“Before Moraware,” explains Kim Peuschold, “I was using a separate scheduling spreadsheet for each of the different materials. We only had so many trucks, which had to be coordinated with all the different installs. We were sharing resources between the countertop and cabinet businesses, but we were not able to schedule them efficiently.”

The Moraware Solution: Keeping schedules and job information in a single, easy to use location has enabled Specialty Finishing to reduce confusion and over-scheduling of company resources. The result is a 50% increase in efficiency. Additionally, JobTracker’s unique remote access capability allows Specialty Finishing employees access to all customer information in or out of the office.

“With JobTracker, I can now schedule everything instantly,” explains Peuschold. “It has helped tremendously to know where our people and our vehicles are going to be at any time.”

“Since we’ve started to use JobTracker,” continues Peuschold. “We are probably about 50% more efficient when you consider all the different functions we use it for. Estimating is now so simple and the time we spend trying to coordinate all our scheduling has decreased tremendously.”

“One of the reasons we decided to go with the Moraware was because it was an Internet-based program, so anyone can access the system from anywhere as long as they have Internet access.”

“We love the flexibility that is built into JobTracker. We had an existing countertop information worksheet that we incorporated into JobTracker. It made the transition easier to be able to use something that we are all familiar with.”

“There are things that we’ve come across that didn’t work for us or that we didn’t like, but Moraware’s customer support is extremely quick with getting back and answering questions.”

“Seeing (JobTracker) at the (Surface Fabrication) show was a huge thing, because we could see what it did right away. We kept going back to their booth so many times. And we could compare it with other programs at the show to see how well it performed.”

“Everything we needed out of a software program we found with Moraware. It took me three years to find this program and now we are so happy to have it.”