Unico Special Products – Customer Profile

Nov 14, 2006 | Customer Profile

Profile at a Glance: Unico Special Products began in 1968 as a tub and shower enclosure manufacturer. The company made the switch to countertop fabrication 20 years ago and has seen tremendous growth. With 80-100 employees in a 50,000 sq. ft. facility, Unico Special Products installs laminate, solid surface and quartz countertops for the kitchen and bath industry.

The Problem: Originally, Unico was using several large calendars with hand-written notes for all types of scheduling. As it expanded, the company purchased a basic software-based calendar program that helped keep track of schedules but failed to link all customer information together – making it difficult to keep updated customer histories.

“We have five crews for installation and three people who do templates that typically do around three to four jobs per day each,” explains Sheila Naugh, Customer Service Representative. “Basically we just have a lot of stuff going on all the time. Our existing program was putting each of the installation or template dates as isolated events. It wasn’t easy to find information about a specific job and you almost never got all the information that went along with a job.”

The Moraware Solution: After switching to Moraware, Unico Special Products was able to keep track of all customer information in one simple-to-use database. JobTracker keeps all job data linked, allowing the company to quickly and efficiently respond to the needs of its customers. JobTracker has also resolved many scheduling problems by keeping a detailed list of each install and template date for each employee.

“Since we made the switch to JobTracker,” explains Naugh, “it has given us the ability to have the whole history of any job you want to look at right at your fingertips. This has really helped us to be able to track things better. JobTracker allows you to see everything in a lot more detail. This helps us to know exactly what is happening and when. That is really helpful.”

“When we first started using Moraware,” continues Naugh. “It did take us a while to get used to program. But it was worth taking that time because of how much time it saves us now.”

“JobTracker helps us to keep track of all kinds of information — more than we could ever get with our old program. Mainly it allows us to see everything in a lot more detail.”

“JobTracker has changed the way I do my job in that I can give immediate details about what is happening or what has happened with each customer or each job. I can tell you what day a particular job was templated, estimated or even installed.”

“Moraware has made our company and the way we track information more efficient.”