Marble Tech – Customer Profile

Nov 14, 2006 | Customer Profile

Profile at a Glance: Established in 1982, Marble Tech, Inc. of Barrington, IL. specializes in fabrication and installation of premium granite and quartz surfacing for the residential and commercial markets. The company employs 70 people in four locations in Illinois, Iowa and Michigan. Installing the equivalent of 50 residential kitchens per week, Marble Tech’s future plans include a strong growth curve.

The Problem: As Marble Tech expanded to four locations, its system of hand-written forms and spreadsheets was inadequate to handle the growth. Customer and job information was difficult to track in what was becoming a very complicated, multi-entry system, and which led to costly errors and confusion.

“We were using Excel spreadsheets and hand-written forms that had to be duplicated by hand for tracking customers and their jobs,” explains Kelly Vallicelli of Marble Tech. “We had a lot of human error and duplicate orders. The sheer volume of redundant work associated with order entry was hurting employee morale. Tracking statistics became difficult, and things were always falling through the cracks.”

The Moraware Solution: Moraware enabled Marble Tech to streamline its business by storing all information in single, easy-to-access database. Because it is server-based and accessible through the Internet, JobTracker enables Marble Tech employees at any of the company’s four locations to retrieve up-to-the-minute customer and project information. The customizable nature of JobTracker allowed the company to fully integrate the management program into its existing system and company culture.

“We use JobTracker basically to its full extent,” says Valllicelli. “We use it for quoting, for the calendar, and for tracking every aspect of each job. With JobTracker we always know who has done what and when. It has made a huge difference.”

“One of the strengths of this program is its flexibility,” adds Vallicelli. “I had no idea that this program would be as customizable as it is. It was a pleasant surprise. None of the other programs we looked at come even close to the functionality of JobTracker.”

“The difference that Moraware has made in our company is incredible. I don’t know where we would be without it, except really frustrated. It is worth way more than what we paid for it.”

“JobTracker just fits our needs so well. We are a pretty normal fabricator with normal growth goals and production techniques. I think it would fit most fabricators’ needs really well, as well. I couldn’t be happier with Moraware for creating a program like this.”

“We are a high-growth oriented company and it seems like this program will be able to grow with us. We’re not going to hit a cap with how much will fit into the program.”

“The people at Moraware are fantastic, and their upgrades have been superb. JobTracker is a perfect fit for our company, we can’t say enough good about it.”