Hytec Tops – Customer Profile

Nov 14, 2006 | Customer Profile

Profile at a Glance: Founded in 2000 as a fabricator of solid surface products, Hytec Tops merged into the granite and stone market in 2002 after realizing the potential for those products. With over 40 employees in a 20,000 sq. ft. facility, Hytec Tops is a progressive company following a strong growth curve. Its customer base includes both residential and commercial markets.

The Problem: As a fast-growing business, Hytec previously relied on another computer system for scheduling and job tracking that ended up overloading the company server and causing it to crash on a daily basis. Additionally, job information was stored in paper files which were prone to errors, making it difficult for several people to access simultaneously.

“The old system just kept crashing on us,” explains Purchasing Manager Chip Gleine. “The program simply couldn’t support the number of jobs or quotes that we were generating every day. We might create a quote one day, and the next we couldn’t pull it up in the system. It had just vanished.”

The Moraware Solution: After being introduced to JobTracker, Hytec experienced a major boost in production capacity. The company now uses JobTracker from start to finish on each job, which has been a key in automating the shop. Since switching programs, Hytec has tripled its output, a development which can be directly attributed to the implementation of the JobTracker system.

“Our company started using JobTracker about a year and a half ago,” explains Gleine. “We had shopped around, looking at some other programs and actually had a deposit on another program. But then we were introduced to Moraware and immediately recognized its advantages. So that’s what we went with and we are happy with the result.”

“Currently, we use JobTracker for quoting, scheduling, production, purchase orders and some inventory,” adds Gleine. “We’ve tried to integrate it into everything, which has totally automated our shop.”

“In JobTracker, all aspects of the project schedule are visible to our people starting from when the job comes through the door through final installation. We now have a detailed production schedule, where before it was just ‘get the job started and then finish it’. Now, we simply look on the computer to see what stage the job is at. It is much easier than manually tracking down the information from a paper folder located in a file cabinet or on someone’s desk.”

“The folks at Moraware are great when you have questions. Someone is always there when you call; you get an actual person, not an answering machine, which I love. They do a good job making you feel like you are not bothering them with your questions.”

“Moraware has definitely improved our efficiency overall. Where we once were maxed out at three to four countertops per day, we now do almost 10 a day. This increase is a direct result from using JobTracker. This kind of organization has positioned us for even greater growth in the future.”