Rumford Stone – Customer Profile

Oct 13, 2006 | Customer Profile

Profile at a Glance: Originally founded as Capital Tile and Marble in 1989, Rumford Stone changed its name and made the switch to granite, marble and quartz countertops in 1995. Operating out of a 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Pembroke, N.H., the company averages 25-35 kitchen countertops per week for residential customers.

The Problem: Rumford Stone had been using a combination of Excel and an accounting program to keep track of all the scheduling and customer information. As the company expanded, it outgrew a system of paper and digital files that was becoming increasing bulky and error-prone. Communications with customers also suffered, since it was hard to find accurate answers to any questions.

“We were using a very complicated shared Excel spreadsheet, which we had significantly outgrown several years earlier,” says Co-Owner Vince Trento. “We were using it like a dry-erase board and frankly it was awful. The system was time consuming and error-prone. We knew we needed help, but the task of finding a program that was powerful and easy to use seemed too daunting. I didn’t even want to think about it.”

The Moraware Solution: JobTracker introduced Rumford Stone to a flexible system that keeps all customer information in a single, easy to use database. Company employees can now quickly access up-to-date job information with a few clicks, which has greatly improved speed and accuracy. Since implementing JobTracker, Rumford Stone has boosted its productivity by an astounding 40%.

“After using it for almost a year, we have had the chance to see how well JobTracker works for us,” says Trento. “It is fantastic, especially in terms of accuracy. We can give customers current information about the status of their projects because all the information is at our fingertips. It’s a great solution.”

“I got in touch with Moraware at a tradeshow,” he continues. “And right away I could tell that this was the answer to our organizational dilemma. Having already developed some in-house software for other applications, I immediately recognized that JobTracker was something great.”

“Moraware actually converted all our job files and set up the database for us without any extra charge. This made the transition very nice because all the information was there as soon as we needed it. We didn’t have to do any data entry. It was fantastic.”

“I think the real strength of JobTracker is its flexibility. We can easily modify it by adding fields to change how information is reported. I sometimes get requests from my project coordinators asking for different ways to view information, and in 10 minutes I can build those views.”

“Our turnaround investment in JobTracker was immediate. The software is a very good value, and comes from a very fair company. They are not charging you $2,000 for every workstation; you only need one license for your whole company since it is a web-based application. I would say that Moraware has increased our capacity to manage jobs by 40% — especially in the amount of time we save from messing around with scheduling. It’s a huge amount.”

“I highly recommend JobTracker.”