Premier Surfaces – Customer Profile

Sep 28, 2006 | Customer Profile

Profile at a Glance: Premier Surfaces specializes in fabrication and installation of granite countertops. Serving the Metro Atlanta and North Georgia markets, Premier’s customer base is primarily residential customers. The company has doubled its volume every year since opening in 2001, and recently moved into a new facility three times the size of its former plant. Premier employs 35 people, who generate 30-40 projects per week.

The Problem: Even though Premier had progressed from a hand-written paper system to a computerized project management program, the company’s fast-paced growth soon outstripped the capabilities of the software. It was impossible to keep all job related information in a single, easy-to-access location, which increased the likelihood of errors and resulted in duplication of work.

“Although our previous system was another computer program, we were still passing around a lot of the work on paper” explains Bonnie Bright, director of administration. “Everything had a paper trail which ended up becoming very bulky and complicated. We weren’t able to keep everything together in one system.”

The Moraware Solution: JobTracker features single entry data input, which allows Premier Surfaces employees to create and/or update customer accounts and project information throughout the entire system anytime a change occurs. The company uses JobTracker for client contact information, quotations, scheduling, project management, inventory control, invoicing and tracking repairs. By allowing each employee to have personalized access to critical information with a click of a button, JobTracker has eliminated a very inefficient paper trail.

“For our company, JobTracker is set up to create an account with each new customer,” says Bright. “We get their contact information and the selections and schedule an initial measurement. Later, we put all our specs in the system and finally send the job to fabrication without ever having to search for their information. Even after the job is completed we are still using JobTracker to create invoices and track repairs. Everything goes through JobTracker.”

“The people at Moraware are fantastic to work with. If we ever have a problem, they will go online to look at the same screen we are struggling with to address the problem correctly. Whenever we call, they are very friendly and always try to resolve our concerns quickly. We periodically have suggestions for their software and it is so nice to see those take shape in future upgrades.”

“I really enjoy that fact that it is easy to personalize JobTracker according to our needs. Everyone in our office has access to the program and every person has a different screen view, depending on what they are working on. It is so easy to make changes in JobTracker; you can do it yourself, without ever having to contact customer support.”

“JobTracker keeps up with the rapid growth our company is experiencing. And, unlike our previous management software, we don’t anticipate ever outgrowing JobTracker. We are very pleased with JobTracker by Moraware. It has made a huge difference in our operation.”