Sprovieri’s Custom Counters – Customer Profile

Sep 22, 2006 | Customer Profile

Profile at a Glance: Established in the early 1980’s as a laminate business, Sprovieri’s Custom Counters specializes in solid surface and other hard surfaces. The company currently has over 100 employees, and services the Chicago area and parts of Wisconsin and Indiana. The customer base is primarily residential with some commercial work.

The Problem: A high-growth company, Sprovieri’s had outstripped the capabilities of its existing project management software, thereby creating major obstacles for the company. As the software became less able to handle the increasing workload, it caused the server to crash regularly, leading to lost productivity and confusion.

“We struggled with our previous system for three years,” says CFO Doug Bicking. “Every day the scheduling system was bringing down our server, which we use for all operations of the company. We would have to get everyone off the system, restart the server and then wait for it to happen again. On top of everything else it was hard to extract any sort of data from the software. I think we just hit the upper limit of the program’s capabilities.”

The Moraware Solution: JobTracker introduced a customizable system that easily handles the demands of a fast-growing company like Sprovieri’s without compromising the reliability of its server. The program enables managers to control virtually every aspect of running the business, including job tracking, job costing, scheduling, purchasing, and inventory. Employees always have access to important information, whether they are in the office or in a remote location.

“We went live with Moraware basically without any problems,” says Bicking. “Because Moraware is a Windows driven program, people were familiar with the format and didn’t have a difficult time making the transition. We were a little concerned about ramp-up at first, but it came off without a hitch.”

“From the beginning we knew that Moraware had greater capabilities than our previous system,” adds Bicking. “Each user can log in and can set up a personalized view. They can change the columns, the headings, and the extracting capabilities. Two people can have completely different views on the screen but still get the same information. It’s great.”

“With Moraware, we set up jobs, scheduling, measuring, installations, purchasing, ordering of materials, and inventory. We also track when jobs go into CAD for the design work and when they go to the shop floor for production. We use it all the way through; I don’t know why you would use anything else.”

“Volume has definitely increased with Moraware; it has simplified the process. We recently implemented Synchronized Flow and JobTracker is well suited to that type of system. Now, our turnaround time is about six days and JobTracker is a big part of that.”

“We are really pleased with Moraware, it was a great investment.”