Laminated Tops of Central Indiana – Customer Profile

Jun 6, 2007 | Customer Profile

Profile at a Glance: In 1969, Laminated Tops of Central Indiana began fabricating laminate countertops out of a little garage. After a change in ownership nine years later Laminated Tops was moved to a 20,000 sq. ft. facility where they have seen phenomenal growth. This growing company now fabricates countertops in solid surface, acrylic and is beginning to work with granite and quartz. With 28 employees serving the greater Indianapolis area, Laminated Tops keeps two install crews and one delivery crew busy continually.

The Problem: When Laminated Tops of Central Indiana entered its rapid growth stage, management found that its existing hand-written scheduling system on a white boards led to serious miscommunication problems. Keeping the system updated was so time-consuming it became more effort than it was worth. The result was employees often did not have correct job information and had to search through paperwork to answer any job-related questions.

“We were basically just using white boards for all of our scheduling,” explains Craig Bumbalough, Customer Service and Sales Representative. “We were constantly erasing and moving jobs around and everyone was coming in and checking the boards to see where they needed to be. Inevitably someone would come in over the weekend with their little kid and erase part of the board and you wouldn’t have a clue what was going on. It was pure confusion.”

The Moraware Solution: Since making the switch to Moraware, Laminated Tops has seen an increase in efficiency due to increased communication in all aspects of their business from scheduling to inventory. Additionally, the company is able to use JobTracker to generate reports on specific areas of production to quickly determine problem areas which need addressing.

“We love JobTracker,” continues Bumbalough. “We saw Moraware at a show and signed up to do a demo. For me, that was it. Things have been a lot smoother for us ever since we started using Moraware.”

“JobTracker has made such a big difference in our company. It is designed for the countertop industry. Mainly, we are much more efficient, especially with our communication. We spend a lot less time trying to figure out what is happening with any given job.”

“All we have to do now is look in JobTracker and we can figure out anything about a job. That is huge, because when someone calls asking about a job we can answer their question on the spot. Before, we’d have to call them back after searching through all the paperwork to find the answer. This makes our customers much happier.”

“Each time Moraware comes out with a new update, I get really excited. They always include something in the update that makes my life easier.”

“We use purchasing quite a bit for our solid surface orders. Being able to track the material that we’ve ordered has been huge. It tells you what’s here or when it’s going out and keeps us even with our suppliers on prices. It has saved us money in some places – that aspect I love.”

“Moraware gets us where we need to go.”