Design Innovations – Customer Profile

Sep 4, 2007 | Customer Profile

Profile at a Glance: : Having been a fabricator of Corian, Zodiaq and Granite surfaces for more than 12 years, Design Innovations has established itself as a driving force in the countertop industry. The company has over 50 employees who fabricate, on average, 20 jobs per day for Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas.

The Problem: As Design Innovation continued to grow as a company, company managers realized their existing scheduling system of white boards and paper files would not keep up with their expanding enterprise. Over time, it became a struggle to coordinate the sheer volume of jobs coming in and out of the office, which were increasingly interrupting workflow and productivity.

“We were just using white boards for all our scheduling,” explains Operations Manager Rick Gray. “We had some paper files and I also used an Access database to keep up with all the contact management. It worked fine until we got up to eight jobs a day; then people didn’t know where they were supposed to be and it was just too much for one or two people to try to keep track of it all. We hit a limit and we couldn’t make it work any more.”

The Moraware Solution: Design Innovations implemented JobTracker over three years ago and has since experienced astounding results. Using Moraware for all contact management and scheduling, company employees can now view a precise schedule at any time or place by using a remote log-in. Additionally, each different department is able to customize the way it views JobTracker for easy access to the information it needs.

“We started using JobTracker about three and a half years ago,” continues Gray. “We are now using it as a database for all our jobs. It’s nice that all contact information and anything to do with a job are in there and easy to access.”

“We use the remote access function all the time! It’s great to be able to log-in to the system from anywhere to find out what is happening. The sales people utilize it as well to track their own customers’ jobs. It’s great because they have the details for all of their customers right there. Thus, when someone calls, they can give them up-to-the-minute information.”

“Moraware is the best for us. One of the biggest reasons why I can’t do without it, is the scheduling. You can take away quoting or inventory or anything other part of the program, but if you take away the scheduling part, I would be lost. You could strip it down to just the calendar views and I would still buy it. Moraware gives us exactly what we need.”

“JobTracker is so easy to customize too. I probably have a dozen different views set up for every different office or sub-office, each with their own customized views. So each group can focus on the aspect that they need to.”

“I think Moraware is awesome, I’m at the point where I can’t live without it. Especially for a company doing as many jobs as we are, it’s tough not to have something like JobTracker that is so customizable. I love it. Thank you.”