Discover Marble and Granite – Customer Profile

Sep 4, 2007 | Customer Profile

Profile at a Glance: With three locations in Massachusetts and Florida, Discover Marble & Granite has experienced rapid growth in the wholesale market since its beginnings in 2001. Discover M & G fabricates marble, granite and quartz surfaces for both residential and commercial projects, averaging 100 installations per week.

The Problem: Although using a scheduling software program, Discover Marble & Granite became frustrated with the enormous amount of paperwork that was required to keep track of every job. This time consuming system required employees to hand-write all job orders and customer information, which made finding job files more difficult and introduced an extra element of error as the company grew.

“Our existing system was basically a scheduling program with a layout of days, weeks and months in which we could type jobs and agenda items,” explains Edi Silverio. “With this we could only use it for tracking projects. Nothing to do with the job was included and all the forms for each were manually created and written out by hand. It was really a lot of work.”

The Moraware Solution: JobTracker has allowed Discover Marble & Granite to significantly eliminate the bulky paper trail by keeping all its customer information in one accessible database. This single, easy-to-access data source for customer and project information has virtually eliminated errors and confusion in the front office. Additionally, the remote access function enables account managers to promptly and accurately answer customer queries from any location.

“When we discovered that Moraware included digital forms along with the scheduling and job information, we went with it,” continues Silverio. “It really made our job much easier. We wanted to save time by cutting out all the paperwork. Now, we have all the information we need in a single click. Another of our goals was to become more productive on a day-to-day basis. With Moraware, we have achieved that goal.”

“In the beginning, I trained all our other employees to use Moraware and they were a little hesitant to learn it at first. But once they found out all the good things it could do, they loved it. They discovered that it was helping them on a daily basis.”

“Our account managers especially like the remote access function. They can access their accounts at any time without having to call someone in the office for information. That, in turn, improves our customer service. It looks very professional when we go to visit with a customer and we can open JobTracker and immediately tell them all the dates and other information for their job.”

“JobTracker is a great system for us and it has really made a difference in our office organization and production times. It has especially helped our production since everyone can access the same correct information, which really cuts down on errors. Since we started using JobTracker, our amount of errors and problems has gone down 100%.”

“All in all, Moraware has really helped our company. Thanks Moraware!”