Attaching multiple files to a job at once

Oct 15, 2010 | JobTracker Tips

We’ve gotten some questions about attaching multiple files to JobTracker at once.  The typical scenario is that a templater has a computer out in the field, and after taking photos of the existing countertop, they want to attach all of the pictures and maybe CAD files to a job.

There’s not a built-in way to attach multiple files at once, but there is a Firefox plug-in that can help.  The DragDropUpload extension was built exactly for this purpose.

Here’s a help article on how to download and install Firefox and the extension:

We have a few words of warning, though.  Although the plug-in is great, you should be aware that.

  1. New releases of Firefox sometimes break the plug-in.
  2. The plug-in is a free project done part-time by a graduate student.
  3. If you’re not already using Firefox, be aware that it hogs more memory than other web browsers.

Another approach is to create a “Link” custom field, and create a link to a file, folder, or website on your network.  But this has problems, too – you’ll still need to manage and back up the files, and you may need to change your security settings.

Ultimately, we’d love to build a better answer right into Moraware JobTracker, but using DragDropUpload plug-in is your best bet for now.