Join us at the Marble Institute Leadership Workshop

Oct 13, 2010 | News

leadershipWe’re sponsoring the MIA Leadership Workshop in Dallas, TX October 18-19, 2010 and we’re going to be there to chat with some stone industry leaders about the future of the market.

Being involved in this seminar  seems like the perfect opportunity to promote the things we care about – how to make your countertop company a better business.  Although we love the usual trade-show focus on automation and tools in the shop, we’ve found that what happens in the front office is as important to the long-term success of countertop fabricators.

The workshop includes a welcome reception on Monday night, followed by a full day of speakers and a roundtable discussion during the hosted lunch.  The four main topics are:

  1. Selling stone as an environmentally friendly material,
  2. Predictions about the future of the industry,
  3. Leading through style and design,
  4. and Branding.

I’m really excited to hear some new perspectives and gain some new insights into the industry.  You can find registration and hotel information, here.