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by | Feb 16, 2011 | Business

For countertop shops to be successful with software, it’s critical to discuss the top needs at your business today, how our software can address those needs, and what to expect when you’re getting started. Once you’ve figured out if you have a problem worth solving, the next step is see the proof, the infamous software demo.

How does our software meet your needs?

We do a pretty good demo. We keep it short, relevant, and we try to tell a story. But, in order to do that, the most important thing is that the demo is just part of a bigger conversation that concentrates on your countertop business.

Short. We’ve got several editions of our software, and even the “small” version that concentrates on scheduling and job management has more features that we could discuss in an hour. And that doesn’t even begin to cover what we could talk about around quotes or inventory. We’ve discovered that a marathon demo session is just confusing – we want you to walk away with one or two cool things that would make your office and shop run better.

Relevant. I love our software, and I get excited about new features, my own personal favorite buttons, and ways that other companies use it. But none of that matters… the only important thing in a software demo is to first understand what needs your business has, and then prove that we can meet those needs. Everything else is just a distraction. Plus, if it’s not relevant, it’s not going to be short either.

Story. We’ve occasionally had the experience that somebody wants to see a demo of our software by clicking every single menu item and button. But, it doesn’t work for a few reasons. It’s not short or relevant, and there’s no context for why you should care. We usually try to paint the picture by relating our demo to what you’re already doing today.

“A homeowner walks into your counter top shop, and wants a counter. First, you make a quote for them, then schedule a template, fabrication happens, and finally you install the finished top in their home and send them the bill.”

If we don’t get the story part, it’s really hard to relate. We also wrap up the demo with an explanation of how to get started, which is the next post.

Want to know more? At Moraware, we make software for countertop fabricators. JobTracker is scheduling software that helps you eliminate the time you waste looking for job folders. RemnantSwap is a place to buy and sell granite remnants with fabricators near you.

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