Getting success with countertop software

Feb 22, 2011 | Business

Before your countertop shop buys software, it’s critical to discuss the top needs at your business and how software can address those needs.

Once you’ve decided that it’s worth changing from the file folders, whiteboards, and spreadsheets you have today, the next question is “How?”.

What to expect when you’re getting started

We’ve found that the number one reason people are successful with our software is that they set aside uninterrupted time to get started. In addition to that, it’s really good to jump in, start using it, and discover how to improve as you go.

Setting Aside Time Over the course of helping hundreds of fabricators get started with our software, we’ve learned about the time commitment that’s involved. A good rule of thumb is that you need to have at least half an hour every day for the first week in order to get started. We believe in this so strongly that we schedule five sessions with you, to make sure you aren’t afraid to call for help and to make you comfortable with our software and support.

Learning by Doing We’ve also discovered that the best way to get started is to jump in. If you try to plan ahead too much and set up the system perfectly before you use it, it’s generally a waste of time. It’s much faster to pick up one of the job folders you have today and start entering the details. After you do a handful of existing jobs, you’ll have the software configured.

Getting the Team On-board Another factor in the long-term success of using software is getting your office employees, salespeople, and key shop personnel to understand the value of using it. While we’re doing the sales demo, we encourage our prospects to include the key employees in the discussion as early as possible. The earlier everyone is involved, the smoother getting started will go. If we don’t get a chance to show the software to everyone before they buy, we try to coordinate a demo early on to answer questions and set the stage for getting started.

The more you learn about getting started with software, the better prepared you’ll be. Setting aside time, jumping in, and getting everyone in the office involved early are all key factors that will lead to your long-term success.

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