Editing prices on a quote

Feb 5, 2012 | CounterGo

With the latest update to CounterGo, you can now edit prices on each quote.

This gives you the ability to control exactly what prices a salesperson can change on each quote. You can lock down everything so there is no flexibility. Or you can allow some or all the prices to be changed.

The way this is accomplished is by marking “Edit Price on Quote” for each item on the price list. If you want to change this setting for multiple items at once, click the “Update Multiple Items” button at the top of the price list. This works the same way as “Allow Discount” which we added last week.

The most common price you may want to change on a quote is custom ordered granite. At quote time, a salesperson can plug in the price and dimensions of a specific set of slabs. But you also have the flexibility to change the prices for cutouts, radius corners, edge profiles, or any other item on the quote.

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