Kitchen and vanity sink cutouts

Feb 23, 2012 | CounterGo

One of the most frequent requests for CounterGo was around sink cutouts. Fabricators often charge more for a large kitchen undermount than a small vanity undermount. Also there was little flexibility in how the sink was displayed on the drawing.

The latest update to CounterGo lets you price cutouts based on the size. So you can charge more for a 33″ kitchen undermount than an 18″ vanity undermount. To set this up, edit the price list and scroll down to the Undermount Sink Cutout item. Click the edit icon next to “Ranges“, click the “Add Range” link, enter the max size for the small cutout and set the price for both the small and large cutouts.

We’ve also added custom size and shape properties to the sink cutouts. So when you add a cutout to a counter, you can specify whether it’s a single bowl, double bowl, or oval. You also can set the size of the cutout to distinguish large kitchen sinks from small bar sinks or vanities.

When you add a sink cutout on the drawing, you can choose from a list of pre-defined cutouts or add a custom cutout on the fly. To set up pre-defined shortcuts for your most common cutout shapes and sizes, you define them on the price list. To do this, edit the price list and scroll down to “Sink Cutout Options“. Click “Add Sink Cutout Option“, enter a cutout name and choose the type, shape and size. The cutout name will show up in the list when you click “Add Sink Cutout” on the drawing.

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