Pricing other items by sq ft and expiring quotes

Mar 8, 2012 | CounterGo

We’ve added a few of the most requested features to CounterGo.

You can now add other items to the quote that are priced by units. You can charge for each item, charge per unit, and have tiers of pricing based on the number of units. For example, you can have a tear-out item that is priced by square feet. Then you can charge $400 for anything up to 20 sq ft, and charge $20/sq ft for anything over that.

We also added the option to edit the price of other items on the quote. To do this, edit the item on the price list and check the box for “Edit Price On Quote”. Then you can change the price on the pricing details page of each quote.

All quotes now have an expiration date. On the price list, there’s a setting for the number of days until expiration. It’s set to 30 days by default. Each quote created for that price list will get an expiration date based on that setting. If you want to change the expiration for an individual quote, you can edit it on the top of the pricing details page for the quote. You can show the expiration date on the printed quote. And you can set up views on the quote summary page to hide expired quotes, so you won’t have to see them once they expire.

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