Appliance edge and printing images

Apr 26, 2012 | CounterGo

There are a number of changes to CounterGo this week. The first is the addition of appliance edge on the drawing. This allows you to specify a flat polished edge next to the stove or fridge. When editing a quote, click on step 3, click on the edge and select appliance edge, rather than finished, unfinished or splash. You can specify the price of appliance edge on the price list, just below the finished edge prices.

When you create a new CounterGo quote for an account, you can now assign a price list to that account at the same time. That saves you the step of first assigning the price list to the account before creating the quote.

You can now print images attached to custom fields on the CounterGo quote. Most people use this to print a picture of the edge on the quote. (Note: We plan to have an even better answer for edge images in the near future, so stay tuned.) To print the images, you first need to have a quote custom field defined under the Quote Settings >> Custom Fields tab. The field should be a “list of values” data type, with the option selected for “Attach an image to each value.” Then you can add this field to your quote form under the Quote Settings >> Forms tab. Edit the field and choose the image placement option for whether to show the image above/below/left/right of the text.

There are also a few minor items and bug fixes:

  • Items with really long names now wrap to the next line when viewing the price details.
  • If your quote is very long, the quote lines will wrap to the next page when printing.
  • Moved the position of “Other Splash” on the step 3 context menu.
  • Renamed “Edge Profiles” to “Finished Edge” on the price list.
  • Changed the default measurements when adding a bump-out on drawings with millimeter units.
  • When editing the measurements of a slab on the layout, can now hit enter to submit the dialog.
  • Fixed printing some .gif logo files that weren’t showing up before in the quote header.
  • Fixed showing the Page Styles tab on the JobTracker system settings.

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