SL Laser in Charlotte, NC

Apr 24, 2012 | Customer Profile

Last year, we were at a trade show exhibiting right next to SL Laser, a company that produces lasers for projection and measurement in the countertop, woodworking, and aerospace industries.

They were telling us about how their company is dealing with growth, and how their own sales and support systems were getting overwhelmed.

They had a complex set of Excel spreadsheets to track the status of service and interaction with customers. While it was okay, they were hoping for something more. We showed them how we use Moraware JobTracker internally for managing our sales process and keeping up with our customer support.

Since 2011, JobTracker has really helped by putting all of their customer information into a single easy-to-use database. I was lucky enough to visit their North American headquarters in Charlotte, NC, where they take care of sales, marketing, training, and support.

I was really impressed by their training room – it’s equipped with mock kitchen and staircase on one wall, and a video camera and big-screen television on the other. Scott McDonald showed me how they can walk a customer through training or help them with a specific issue by using this setup.

I also got to see the areas where they repair and maintain their laser machines. My favorite bin in the shop was filled with Xbox controllers, which they actually use as the control for some of the projection lasers in aerospace applications and can even be used as a backup controller on their measurement lasers.

Thanks to Scott, and everyone else, who showed me around SL Laser. It’s really cool that our scheduling software can be used by such a wide variety of companies.

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