Countertop measurements

Apr 11, 2012 | CounterGo

CounterGo rounds countertop measurements to 1/2″ by default. But there are some cases where a customer submits a drawing with 1/8″ meaurements, and you’d like to give them a quote that reflects the measurements they gave you. So there’s now a way to change the rounding precision on a quote.

When editing a quote, at the bottom of the screen click on Round to nearest 0.5″ and you can change the rounding to 1/4″, 1/8″ or 1/16″. If you want to change the default setting for all new quotes, you can change that by clicking on the menu item Quote >> Edit Settings, click the Edit Settings button and change the default rounding value.

If you’re working in millimeters rather than inches, the default setting is to round to 10mm. You can use the same method to change that to 1mm.

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