Cutting Edge Stoneworks in Mooresville, NC

Apr 16, 2012 | Customer Profile

Mike Giordano’s company flies under the radar. Their office and shop are hidden in the back of an unassuming office park. There’s almost no signage to let you know they’re there. But, this countertop fabricator in Mooresville, NC is really successful by not following the herd.

At Cutting Edge Stoneworks, they’ve achieved a growing, profitable company by focus on a single segment of the market – they exclusively do wholesale work. Many jobs are commercial work, but they also do residential kitchens and baths through dealers.

I really got the sense of how they have grown, despite the economic downturn, since they started in 2007. Both Mike and his wife Karen pay attention to their customers. To them, it’s a simple formula – tell the customer what to expect, and then do it.

While I was in their office, I saw it firsthand. Mike really cares about the quality of his products and the success of his customers. His passion and attention to detail comes across in everything he does. And his warmth and generosity with everyone around him is just as obvious.

I felt like part of the family being there, and that same feeling must rub off on all of their customers, suppliers, and partners.

Mike’s goal for the near future is to systematize their business even more, so he can spend time figuring out how to continue to grow in new ways. In addition to using Moraware JobTracker for scheduling and quoting, they’ve created a flowchart of their entire business. They have a process from the first interaction with a prospect, through the follow up after installation, and the ongoing contact with their customers to make sure they’re happy.

Oh, and they’re hiring. They’re looking for a customer service rep who who will be a key employee in their company.

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