Quote price details

May 16, 2012 | CounterGo

We released a new update to CounterGo.

When editing a CounterGo quote, step 6 now shows the price details. Previously step 6 was for other items, and you got to price details through a small link at the top of the page. To add other items to the quote, click the “Add Other Item” link near the bottom of the price details page.

We renamed countertop “Group” to “Area”, to remove the confusion with color groups.

Other items are now added to the countertop area subtotal by default. Previously they were in their own section on the quote with their own subtotal. If you still want it the old way, you can set the area for the other item to “None”. But most people were asking to have them merged together.

We also fixed a few bugs:

  • Fixed the label for Expiration Date when filtering the list of quotes.
  • If you use Chrome browser, sometimes the scrollbar would disappear when editing the layout.
  • If you create a recurring appointment in the JobTracker calendar for every 3rd Saturday, it would skip too many weeks between appointments.

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