Mario and Son – fabricator profile

Mar 4, 2013 | Customer Profile

Profile at a Glance:

Mario and SonEstablished in 1991, Mario and Son fabricates and installs natural stone, quartz, tile and specialty products. The company operates out of 44,000 sq ft facility located in Liberty Lake, Washington, which is a suburb of Spokane. Mario and Son is one of the largest fabricators in the Pacific Northwest.

The company’s clientele includes a heavy concentration of builders as well as retail customers, some commercial, and flooring shops. Since it is located so close to the Canadian border, Mario and Son also sells fabricated product (no installation) to companies across the border.

The Old System:

“We were doing the takeoffs by hand and then entering them into JobTracker,” says Sierra Sacco, General Manger. “There was too much human error. We have several sales people and no matter how much you train them to do takeoffs, there will always be human error. We experienced a lot of that, which is what attracted us to CounterGo in the first place.”

The Solution:

Switching to CounterGo immediately helped Mario and Son generate more accurate quotes. “I would say CounterGo has reduced our errors by 80-90%,” explains Sacco. “It’s phenomenal.”

Sacco also likes how much time is saved by generating a bid in CounterGo. “We are doing 6-10 quotes a day and so if we can get them back to the customer within 24 hours we are doing well,” she says. “Oftentimes, now, when the customer is here in the showroom we can just generate a quote and give it to them on the spot. For a basic quick quote it now takes us 10 minutes or less. Usually about 5 minutes. There is no comparison to the old system.”

Mario and Son showroomMario and Son uses the new system as an additional check to make sure all pertinent information for a job is collected and entered correctly. “We train our templaters to use the CounterGo program so that when they go out to do the digital templates they can come back and enter in the exact numbers,” Sacco explains. “That way we know that what we are charging the customer is accurate and we are not losing money.”

“We also send the CounterGo drawings to the autocad department so that they can compare them to what the templater has given them. It is another double check to be sure that all the information is accurate.”

Sacco says they have completely integrated CounterGo into their system workflow. “Our material manager uses CounterGo to figure out how many slabs to order. It also integrates very well with JobTracker, which is important because we use all the features of that program, including customer management, scheduling, project management, inventory, purchasing, internal communications and reporting.”

“We are big fans of Moraware.”

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