Creating bathroom vanity drawings

May 9, 2013 | CounterGo Tips

In CounterGo, the default countertop depths and our demo are geared around drawing kitchen counters. But, almost as often, our users are making drawings of bathroom vanities. Here’s how.

By default, the countertop depth is set to 25.5″. You can change that in the Settings, or change the countertop depth on a quote. A typical depth for a bathroom vanity is 22″. Just click on the dimension you want to change, and type in the new depth.

Bathroom vanity drawingUsually, the sinks on a vanity are oval, so instead of using a rectangular sink like you do in a kitchen, you can pick an oval. You can set up the vanity bowls or cutouts on the price list, or use the Properties… of the cutout to change the shape and dimensions.

And, although most bathroom vanity drawings are fairly simple, it’s also possible to get fancy. Here’s another example – a vanity with bumpouts in front of each bowl.

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