6 popular countertop layouts

Jun 20, 2013 | CounterGo Tips

As we’ve been demonstrating CounterGo, we’ve encountered lots of examples of common countertop layouts. Here are the 6 that seem to be the most popular. Click on the pictures to large versions.

One Wall

The one-wall layout shows up in places with limited space, like a modern apartment or loft. Sometimes, it’s combined with an island to create a layout that’s more similar to a galley kitchen, but can be exposed to a dining room or breakfast area.
One Wall - countertop layout


The galley kitchen, also called a corridor, has two straight runs – one on either wall. Sometimes, a one-wall layout can become a galley with the addition of a long countertop-depth island.
Galley - countertop layout


An L-shaped countertop forces the traffic out of the work area, which gives the cook more privacy. Usually an L-shaped kitchen has a longer wall with the sink and a shorter sink run that has the range or stove.

L-shape countertop layout

Double L

A double-L shaped countertop layout helps divide the kitchen into zones. Usually one of the L’s serves as the primary place for cooking, and the other is a place for socializing with guests.
Double-L countertop layout


A U-shape gives a huge amount of counter space, to accommodate the appliances, gadgets, and storage that people need in a modern kitchen. There’s plenty of flexibility and space to maneuver, and U-shaped kitchens are increasingly popular.
U-shape countertop layout

Classic Work Triangle

The kitchen work triangle is the space between the sink, refrigerator, and cooktop. In a countertop layout that’s shaped like the classic work triangle, the distance between those three areas is close (but not too close). When you’ve got the work triangle, your kitchen will run efficiently.Work Triangle - countertop layout

In the future, we’ll also show video on how to create each of these countertop layouts (and some less common ones). Stay tuned.

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