Kicking it up a notch: Adding a shortcut

Jun 24, 2013 | JobTracker Tips

This is part 1 of our series to answer “Am I using Moraware JobTracker to the fullest?“. If you haven’t already, take the quiz to find out where you rank.

One super-easy way to boost your productivity with Moraware JobTracker is to create a shortcut. On your computer’s desktop, it’s as easy as dragging the address from the address bar in the browser. Here’s a short video that shows how:

What about on an iPhone or iPad? That’s pretty easy, too. Just click the Arrow icon at the bottom of the screen
iPhone login screen

Then, choose “Add to Home Screen“.
iPhone save to home screen

After you’ve created a shortcut on your phone or desktop computer, you’ll easily be able to get back to Moraware JobTracker. Especially at the beginning, that will help encourage you and your employees to log in every day.

Coming up next: Logging in every day.

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