Rocky Mountain Custom Countertops – fabricator profile

Jun 11, 2013 | Customer Profile

Profile at a Glance:

Established in 1996, Rocky Mountain Custom Countertops was acquired two years ago by Chris & Dick’s a large retailer of cabinets, countertops and flooring in Salt Lake City.

Rocky Mountain Custom Countertops logoEven though Rocky Mountain relocated its fabrication shop to the Chris & Dick’s campus last summer, the company continues to do business under the Rocky Mountain Custom Countertops name so as to take advantage of its existing customer base. RMCC fabricates and installs stone and quartz surfacing for the retail residential, dealer and homebuilder markets, as well as some commercial. Chris & Dick’s also sells solid surface and laminate countertops.

The Old System:

Curt Harrison, manager of RMCC, says he would draw the countertop layout by hand and enter the data into a spreadsheet, which would then calculate the square footage for the project. Although time-consuming, the method was somewhat satisfactory before the company merged with Chris & Dick’s.

After the acquisition, the time spent compiling a quote and then keeping track of job and customer information for seven inside and six outside salespeople quickly overwhelmed the spreadsheet method.
It took way too much time,” he says.

The Solution:

The CounterGo system is light years ahead of building a quote in Excel,” says Harrison. He indicates there are three main benefits to migrating to the new quoting system:

  • Having the sales staff draw up their projects in CounterGo takes any guess work out of calculating square footage and simplifies the whole process.
  • Knowing how much material we will need for the job.
  • Having everyone using the same system allows us to control the cost and how projects are being sold.

Rocky Mountain kitchenNow that RMCC is part of a much larger and more diverse company, Harrison appreciates the fact that CounterGo is versatile enough to be used for more than just one product category. “We currently use it for stone and solid surface,” he explains. “Eventually, we would like to use it for the laminate division, but that is priced a little bit differently. In the meantime, it is working great for stone and the solid surface.

The countertop segment of Chris & Dick’s is poised for significant growth in 2013 after experiencing slight growth the past two years. With that kind of expansion on the horizon he is confident CounterGo will be able to handle the increased demand. “We just need to get more licenses…

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