Scheduling activities any time of the day

Scheduling activities any time of the day

In the latest JobTracker update, you can schedule activities any time of the day. By default, the “scheduling hours” are 6am to 12am, but you can change that.

Here’s how:

  1. Click on the Calendar menu, and choose Edit Settings
  2. Click the Edit Settings… button
  3. Change the Scheduling Hours and click OK.

scheduling hours

If you hadn’t noticed before, you can also specify the Work Hours, which are the times that determine when Auto-schedule activities start. Times within the work hours also show up larger on some views of the calendar.

For those of you using Inventory or Enterprise Editions, it’s also now possible to duplicate purchase orders. Just click on the PO number, and choose Duplicate…

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4 thoughts on “Scheduling activities any time of the day

    1. Harry Hollander Post author

      Seth: For now, some ways of looking at the calendar don’t use the whole screen (for example, the Week by Weekday display). You might want to consider using a different display type if you want to get more info onto the screen.

      Many shops that have high volume use the “Day by Display Field” – here’s how to experiment:

      1. Click the “Options…” button on the calendar.
      2. Under “Display Type“, choose “Day by Display Field
      3. Click OK.

      In that view, it will use as much horizontal space as possible. However, you may also want to play with some of the other options – combinations of Display types and Display fields are a good place to start.

  1. Doug Addy

    We use the activities and auto-schedule feature for every job. Something that would be nice to see is being able to base the start of one activity on another in a sequence of hours instead of days. Example, right now it just lets you auto schedule the next activity by one day, two days etc. It would be nice to tell it it that you want it to be started 4 hours later for instance or 24 hours later. the 24 hours is what we actually would like. For instance if I am working on three jobs today on cutout, we schedule them as starting at 7:00, 7:30, 8:00. Mainly to just make sure they are done in the correct order. If the next activity is tomorrow it will make all three start at 7 am. If it was not setup at 1 day but instead at 24 hours it should schedule all three jobs for the next day at 7:00, 7:30, and 8:00. Instead we manually have to change it to schedule a specific time. We generally schedule about 13 activities per job and run 15-20 jobs a week. Thanks for the consideration

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