Adding text to countertop drawings, and more

Sep 16, 2013 | CounterGo

Our latest CounterGo update includes many changes, but our most-requested new feature was adding text to the drawings.

Adding text to drawings

Here’s what’s new in the update we rolled out over the weekend.

  • Here’s how to Add Text to drawings.
  • Changing the price list on a quote is moved to the top of Step 6.
  • Highlighting more obvious when moving a piece on layout.
  • On printed quotes, measurements are darker (black instead of grey)
  • You can set the font size used by measurements on the printable drawings.
  • For users in the UK, Canada, NZ… there’s more language customization. Words like “colour“, “metre” can be set when you customize text.
  • You can add multiple colors to price groups, here’s how.

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