Adding multiple bumpouts, and positioning them

by | Feb 12, 2014 | CounterGo

In the latest CounterGo update, we added more flexibility to bump-outs, bump-ins, and arcs. It’s now possible to position the bump-outs (and bump-ins, arcs…) and you can have more than one per side.

When you go to Step 2 of CounterGo (Curves & Bumpouts), and add a bump-out to an edge, you’ll see there’s now a new drop-down list for setting the Position of the bumpout. You’ll see three choices – Centered, Left, or Right.

bumpout positioning

When you choose either left or right, you can set the distance from the corner. And just so you know, left and right refer to position as if you’re looking at a particular edge of the countertop from the outside.

It’s also now possible to have more than one bumpout (and bump-ins, arcs…) per side. Once you’ve added your first bump-out, you’ll be able to add another.
multiple bumpouts

We also made some changes to the price list, so for those of you with lots of countertop materials, loading the price list should be much faster.

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